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Developing options to make your packaging more environmentally friendly 

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Paper is one of the most sustainable materials in the packaging industry


Made from renewable resources, certified forests, and utilizing renewable resources



Choosing materials that come from sustainably managed sources

Ask us about making your products FSC® certified 

Developing the next generation of food safe and environmentally friendly packaging through R&D, and innovation

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Paperpak understands the impact that sustainability has on our future

We're proud to report nearly 100% landfall avoidance in operations 

Earth Friendly Packaging

FSC® - Certified Fibre Sourcing - Materials move through a certified chain of custody that tracks paper from forest to mill to ensure responsible forestation. FSC-C136529

We're proud to maintain nearly 100% landfill avoidance in our operations

Sustainable Inks and Coating

Right Size and Lightweight Material Options

Continued use of recycled materials where possible

Use of  renewable resources

Use of only water-based inks

Paper wraps are custom printed and cut to custom sizes for a variety of food applications

Custom printed or plain paper liners for food and food service - tray liners, basket liners

Pinch Bottom Bags are extremely lightweight, and commonly used  for QSR and Pharma packaging

Folding Cartons are a sturdy, light to medium weight paper option for food packaging and much more 





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